Who is he? Why is he here? Why should you care ? No seriously, why should you? There are hundreds of prestidigitators, mentalist, and so called professional magicians out there. Why should you invest your hard earned money into Johnny?


Johnny understands that when it comes to event planning, the right type of entertainment plays a vital role.


He prides himself on going above and beyond what you may expect from a typical magical entertainer


He is professional and accessible. So, rest assured that your investment in him will go off without a hitch.

“Every single day, in every walk of life, ordinary

people do extraordinary things.” – Jimmy V


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Close Up Entertainment


Close-up magic is the perfect engagement for strolling or hospitality venues where Johnny is able to intimately interact one on one with your guests. There aren’t any big props nor staging. It’s real world working conditions. Johnny entertains your guests with world class sleight of hand and mental acrobatics right in front of their eyes.

Parlour Performance


Parlour magic is done for larger audiences than a close-up performance, but for smaller audiences than a stage show. It is more intimate than a stage show because it doesn’t require expensive, large-scale stage equipment and can thus be performed closer to the audience without the need of an actual stage. It was a popular choice of entertainment among the upper echelon of society during the turn of the 20th Century, where a skilled prestidigitator would be invited to entertain party guests.

Stage Show


Stage magic is great for a larger audience where the performer has the ability to stage a show from a platform. A great choice of entertainment for an after dinner, award night, or corporate banquet. Random guests are incorporated into the one hour performance where Johnny displays amazing feats of mental telepathy and magic. A show guaranteed to please!


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