From an early age, Johnny displayed a keen sense for numbers and quietly studied the observational behaviors in friends and family around him. However, it wasn’t until 18 years of age that he ( believe it or not) accidentally stumbled into his craft after a friend blew his mind with a simple demonstration of mind to mind wizardry. That is all it took! He became obsessed and spent the next four years devouring anything and everything he could get his hands on regarding the Art while simultaneously, earning his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

Specializing in corporate and private parties nationally, some of the biggest names in the entertainment and business world have called on him for all of their entertaining needs. Companies such as MTV, Pacific Life, Ford Motor Company, Farmers Insurance, New York Life Insurance & Securities to MetLife Insurance, Chase Bank, Wells Fargo and even the 2011 Tournament of Roses Committee ( The Rose Bowl).

Johnny Majik’s act spans all industries and demographics. His absolute favorite thing about doing what he does, is witnessing people’s authentic reactions to seeing the impossible again and again. He strongly believes that moments such as these, are life’s few truly magical and honest moments. This is because all of your inhibitions are stripped away at that pivotal moment of astonishment. 

Whether you are looking to impress a small group of your friends or that special VIP, Johnny Majik’s entertaining and mystifying act surely fits the bill. He is personable, professional, and an engaging performer. Rest assured that your investment in him will go off without a hitch.

Some interesting facts about Johnny

1. He is a twin…the oldest …by 5 minutes

2. He enjoys sports, movies, cars, video games and the whole nine yards as much as the next guy

3. Is he psychic? No… Although, he does believe himself to be quite mental at times.

4. He promised one of his good friends, that they would have twins 5 years prior to it actually happening! (no history of twins in either families). Friend now listens. :)

5. Favorite Band: AC/DC…no contest

6. Favorite Movie: There are many… but The Godfather and The Godfather Part 2 are among his top 5… there’s a Fredo in every family  :)

7. Favorite Team:  Detroit Red Wings ( since age 7 )

8. Favorite Magicians:  Derren Brown is truly amazing, David Copperfield is literally a living legend, David Blaine is whom initially got him hooked.

9. Favorite Show:  Seinfeld…once again, no contest.

10. Favorite Motto:  “ Here’s to feeling good all the time “ – Cosmo Kramer

You won’t see any large linking rings, silk scarves, strange apparatuses or any other such trivial novelty items from Johnny Majik. Instead, he works with you and your guests one on one, whether on stage or up close, astonishing you with mind blowing routines and ideas you never thought possible with everyday objects such as a normal deck of playing cards, rubber bands, and even your inner most personal thoughts and aspirations.

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