I had the pleasure of performing this past weekend at The Venetian’s annual Slot Tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada. Their staff and patrons were nothing short of exceptional and I had a great time entertaining and conversing with an eclectic group of high rollers from around the country. If you happen to find yourself in Vegas, make sure to check out all The Venetian has to offer!



Spring is here! No more cold winter days nor icy conditions. It’s time for Mother Earth to renew herself and bring us days of sunshine and warmth. Personally, for me Spring signifies that Summer is just around the corner and my days will be filled with hanging out with friends and family at the beach, at the movies, and attending weekly baseball games! I wish you all a safe and memorable Spring 2015!

Super bowl


The arrival of February means one thing to us Americans: The Super Bowl and hence, the end of the NFL season. Once again, #TomBrady and #NewEngland are your Champions and in my humble opinion, rightly so. They played great team football all year long and have a culture of perseverance and dedication that has carried them for nearly 15 years. Some may argue that they are cheaters by deflating balls and stealing other teams’ signals, but we all know that things of such nature have a long history in Professional Sports. Legendary NHL Coach Scotty Bowman, was notorious for playing mind games with his opponents – even going as far as ” accidentally ” breaking thermometers and painting the visitor’s locker room the day of big games. Furthermore, Tom Brady has earned everything he has ever achieved throughout his football career – from high school to the NFL. I have nothing but admiration and respect for him. Congratulations, on your 4th Super Bowl Ring!


On another note sadly, this last week brought some heartbreaking news to our small magic fraternity. We lost two legendary icons:#ReneLavand and #DeanDill. Both passed on Saturday, February 7, 2015, and may they RIP. I had the good fortunate of briefly meeting Dean at the 2003 World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas alongside my good friend and colleague, Nathan Gibson. Dean was a true gentlemen and hugely instrumental in helping Nathan become the great close up artist he is today. Rene was one of the world’s finest sleight of hand artist, even though he had only one hand. Youtube him and prepare to be awed! 
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